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Acropolis of Athens, UNESCO World Heritage site
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The Doric and Ionic Orders
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The Siphnian Treasury at Delphi
Delphic Maxims


The Elgin Drawings


The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization

Books & Publications

Travels in Greece, R. Chandler (1776)
The Antiquities of Athens, volume 2, Stuart & Revett (1787)
A Description of the Collection of Ancient Marbles in the British Museum
Plates from "Antiquities of Athens" & Select Committee Report on the Elgin Marbles, 1816
Museum Worsleyanum
Latsis Foundation Museum Publications
Getty Publications Virtual Library and Open Content Program
Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of arts
The Curse of Minerva by Lord Byron

Museums & Organisations

The New Acropolis Museum
The Acropolis Museum participates in the Google Art Project
The Greek National Tourism Organisation
The Beazley Archive


The Parthenon
Acropolis Museum inauguration - the construction of the Parthenon
Ground plan of the Parthenon indicating current location of Parthenon Sculptures
"The Parthenon" directed by Paul Debevec
Parthenon by Costa-Gavras
Optical Tricks of the Parthenon
Secrets of the Parthenon
Parthenon Battle | National Geographic
2 descriptions of the Parthenon from the 1670s

Parthenon Frieze
The Frieze
The Parthenon Frieze

Parthenon Metopes
The Metopes
The Parthenon Metopes
South 31 Metope

Parthenon Pediments
The Pediments
The Parthenon Pediments


Alison Frantz Photographic Collection
Drawings of Richard Dalton published in 1752
Southwest view of the Erecthion by Edward Dodwell
Louis François Sébastien Fauvel (1758-1837)
Ludwig Ross
Farington Diary entry for 8 July 1806

Return the Sculptures

This House would return the Parthenon Marbles
nemo dat quod non habet
Melina Mercouri confronting David Wilson in 1983


Conserving the Caryatids (Συντήρηση Καρυάτιδας)
Tracing the Colors of Ancient Sculpture


The "Mentor"
Partial Reproduction of Captain's log, HMS Braakel (National Archive - ADM51/1462)