Monday 10 June 2013

Acropolis Educational Resources Repository

The Acropolis Educational Resources Repository ( includes educational resources produced by the Information and Education Department of the Acropolis Restoration Service. Teachers, students and families can search the open access repository and enrich their teaching with valuable material related to the archaeological site and the Acropolis Museum, namely printable documents, brochures, photos, films, publications, digital games etc.

The user can choose a category (Educator, Visitor, Family, Student) and navigate through the repository’s content. This way students can easily find reference materials, teachers have free access to rich material and sources of inspiration to plan their lesson, and parents and visitors can get informed to prepare themselves for a visit to the archaeological site and the Museum of Acropolis.

Offering navigation options that vary according to the role of the user, the subject (Architecture, Sculpture, Goddess Athena, Daily Life, Restoration) or the monument (Parthenon, Erechtheion, Propylaia), the material can be easily located.

The Acropolis Educational Resources Repository is hosted in the modern infrastructure of “cloud computing” of the National Documentation Centre, as part of the collaboration between the centre and the Acropolis Restoration Service. In 2009, the application “The Parthenon Frieze” ( was launched, with high resolution images of all preserved frieze blocks, and the Parthenon Frieze Repository (, which provides the possibility of immediate access to the frieze, both as a database for scholars and, as digital games for schools and their pupils.

Another application of the Acropolis Restoration Service and the Acropolis Museum, hosted in the computing systems of the National Documentation Centre since 2011, is “Athena, Goddess of the Acropolis (, which presents exhibits of the museum depicting the goddess.